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Visit our online showroom or call 1-800-272-9953 to find quality secondhand forklifts and used material handling equipment today.



This Is How We Do Used Equipment

Choosing between new and previously owned equipment is a big decision, but H&K Equipment of Pittsburgh will help you make the right choice and the right investment of your resources. We don't just offer new and used forklifts for sale; we also bring you over 70 years experience in material handling and are part of a corporate legacy that predates the earliest lift trucks.


When you talk to our sales team, we'll review factors like projected usage, duty cycle, and production trends at your facility to find the most high-quality and cost-effective vehicle for your operations. When you browse our used equipment, you can count on:

This Is How We Do Used Equipment


Unrivaled Reliability - All of our trucks and equipment are fully maintained and inspected by the best factory-trained service team in the industry. And once you purchase a vehicle, our experts become your experts, with assistance available 24-7


Optional Warranty Packages - All of our reconditioned vehicles include standard 60-day-plus warranties, and we now offer extended warranty options for many of our vehicles that can be custom designed to meet your needs.


Optimal Performance - Age, work hours, and potential maintenance costs are always a concern when investing in used equipment, but we pride ourselves in finding, maintaining and reconditioning machines to achieve peak performance. Click here to learn more about why H&K is the region's best heavy equipment remanufacturing shop.


Outstanding Selection - We have built our reputation by delivering the equipment businesses depend on to thrive and only H&K Equipment has the resources to locate anything from the most popular to the most hard-to-find and specialized machines. In addition to forklifts and material handling vehicles, we also provide superior selections of used industrial cleaning equipment and much more.

This Is How We Do Used Equipment



When you partner with H&K Equipment, the smart choice is the most cost-effective choice. Contact our industry-leading sales team or browse our showroom to start working with the best secondhand forklifts and used material handling equipment on the market!


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