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Rebuild your vehicle for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

See our remanufacturing program in action! Check out before-and-after footage of our restored machines.

No more downtime! Get back on track and breathe new life into your vehicles when you let H&K Equipment of Pittsburgh recondition your forklifts and other heavy equipment. We are the ultimate custom shop in the material handling industry and our advanced capabilities make us experts at restoring vehicles to better-than-new condition. Our high-level pool of mechanics will enable you to:

Save up to two-thirds of the cost of buying new equipment. - While pricing varies by job, we can repair or rebuild your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one -- in some cases up to 70% less!

Enjoy the same warranty on our restored vehicles as our new ones. - Looking for more than a quick fix or a temporary solution? We understand. Our rebuilds are so good that our remanufacturing program offers the same warranty that comes with our straight-from-the-factory equipment.

Experience better-than-new optimization. - Our overhauls go beyond anything you have seen before. We will completely strip down your machine and totally remanufacture and optimize the entire system. We also give you the option of improving your machine with all the latest upgrades, or letting you keep it exactly as you had it.

Get an expert opinion on your investment. - Sometimes vehicles are too far gone to be worth rebuilding, and when they are, we say so. We stand behind our refurbished forklifts and return nothing to our customers that is not as good as or better than the original.

Let us do any job, including the ones other shops can't. - We are more than forklifts, and we aren't just experts in our product lines -- we restore competitors' vehicles to like-new condition, too. In fact, we have the skills to renovate any equipment connected to materials handling. We also refurbish scrubbers, sweepers, industrial cleaning machines, and much more.

Salvage your forklifts and other equipment! Give us a call at 1-800-272-9953 to talk to an expert about how H&K Equipment can extend the value of your machinery.


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