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Electric Work Vehicles

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Columbia Electric Work Vehicles

H&K Equipment is proud to offer Columbia electric utility vehicles, burden carriers and personnel carriers. Made right here in the USA, Columbia has been producing the finest all-electric work vehicles since 1946. As an elite authorized dealer, we can offer the best prices on new vehicles and OEM parts. With decades of experience in the field, you can rely on our experts to help you get you the exact vehicle you need for your application.

Don't forget about our preventative maintenance program to keep your Columbia vehicle running at full capacity and avoid expensive breakdowns and costly downtime.

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For all your Columbia sales, parts and maintenance needs, call us at 1-800-272-9953

H&K Equipment is a member of the COSTARS and U.S. Communities purchasing programs.

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Move. Tow. Carry. Haul.

Columbia work vehicles are versatile, powerful and built specifically for industry--which means they can handle whatever you can throw at them. Need something moved, towed, carried or hauled? There's a Columbia electric vehicle for for that.

With practically unlimited room for customizations, Columbia work vehicles can be tailored to your exact specifications. Turn your burden carrier into a fire suppression truck or wheelchair mobility vehicle. Transform a utilitruck into an ambulance, catering truck or extended seating mixed terrain vehicle. Let Columbia make your vision a reality. Click here for our gallery of custom Columbia vehicles.


A heavy duty hauler, the Payloader can carry up to 5,200-pounds. of cargo or tow up to 14,000-pounds. Versatile and maneuverable, it can go places larger burden carriers can't. Like all of Columbia's vehicles, the Payloader is 100% electric, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Boasting a huge list of available options and configurations, it's a great platform for customizations.


Built on a high strength steel frame, the Utilitruck is a versatile work vehicle with the ability to carry two people and up to 1,100-pounds of cargo. Great for everything from college campuses to large warehouses, the Utilitruck is quiet and clean, with zero emissions and a wide range of available options.

Summit Utilitruck

Designed for versatility, the Summit Utilitruck can carry up to 1,250-pounds. or tow up to 1,500-pounds. Featuring a host of standard safety features like 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, automotive lighting and steering controls, this electric work vehicle is ideal for use around pedestrians on campuses, military bases and industrial complexes. The Summit Utilitruck is also available in a street legal model capable of speeds up to 35 MPH.


With the ability to fit through a standard door, tight turning radius and 9 MPH max speed, the Chariot will get you where you need to go, quickly and safely. With a built in 110VAC charger and a 35 mile range, the Chariot offers a convenient, economical way for traveling across large facilities.


Narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway and highly maneuverable the Expediter is a versatile way to transport personnel and payload across industrial complexes, resorts, campuses and more.


For order picking, stocking, towing or material transportation, the all-electric narrow-aisle StockChaser is a warehouse superstar. With a capacity up to 1,200-pounds and a host of available options, the StockChaser is a must-have for warehouses and industrial complexes.


Like any MVP, this electric work truck can really do it all. Highly customizable, with hundreds of configurations, the MVP (modular vehicle platform) can be built to handle your exact application.


Transport multiple passengers or up to 1,100-pounds of cargo easily and quickly across a variety of terrains with the Journeyman. Make it your own with dozens of options and configurations.


Need to move personnel? Nothing beats the Shuttle. With seating up to six people, this all-electric transport vehicle is a versatile people mover with a host of standard safety features and configuration options.

For all your Columbia sales, parts and maintenance needs, call us at 1-800-272-9953

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